Road/Drainage Construction

For well over 20 years OMEN CONSTRUCTION NIG. LTD,  has earned a reputation on Road Construction in Nigeria. The experience is there in the job over the years, we have the required equipment’s to execute all projects awarded to us by Federal, States Government and Private sector as would be agreed between the parties.

Nigerians believed that quality road or drive way is essential to a well-planned and built Estate, industry, Ware-house, Office and Residential home. It’s very important to have an access road or drive way to all the above mentioned developments.

We own our quarry site where we produce granite and other materials for all our construction projects, so that all our clients can be sure that there is available materials for prompt execution of roads and drive ways construction projects.

OMEN CONSTRUCTION NIG. LTD is committed to providing quality and functional residential and commercial buildings, with quality underground utilities and drainage for all our clients. All our commercial and residential building projects cited in the urban and rural areas will require installation of underground utilities to make the buildings conducive and habitable.

For custom homes most owners want their house drainage or utilities run underground. In rural areas, foundation drainage and adequate sewage systems must be put in place.

OMEN CONSTRUCTION NIG. LTD are experts in handling drainage projects ranging from public utility systems, rural and urban road ways culverts and drainage. The company is focusing on the construction and maintenance of arterial road drainage with concrete reinforcement.

Having our own excavation equipment’s and quarry site where granite are being produced makes it easier for us to charge less during the of pricing and submitting of bills for the underground sewage system and road projects.

All our projects are being handled, monitored and supervised by competent and experienced site engineers and technicians in different departments of the company. This efficient and prompt services being rendered to our numerous clients has given us an age over our competitors or colleagues in the construction industry in Nigeria.

OMEN CONSTRUCTION NIG. LTD as a reputable company with well over 20 years’ experience in the Nigeria building industry, are expected to meet the expectations and demands  of all our clients intending to embark on residential, commercial, industrial, road and drainage construction either in rural or urban areas in the country. We are available 24/7 at all our clients service who may wish to engage us in one way or the other as professionals to execute both Federal, State and Private projects.