OMEN CONSTRUCTION NIG LTD joined Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry officially in 2008, we got our first 2,000,000 barrels Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) from NNPC Bonny Terminal Bulk Equity Allocation for lifting, programmed on Shell Screen on-line for fourth quarter (Q4) of December 3rd 2010.  Check out  Crude Oil & OSO JVOPS Lifting Information on shell screen : dated: 7/12/2010.

OMEN CONSTRUCTION NIG LTD. had memorandum of understanding with NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION (NNPC) BONNY OCEAN TERMINAL for the sales and purchase promotion of their Hydrocarbons of Nigerian Origin.

Its contribution to the development of Nigerian financial and economic sector have earned it that recognition to be participating as trusted partner in marketing of their products.

In view of these facts and realities expressed above, no sort of circumvention or abuse of office and dignitaries shall be taken lightly.

Therefore, Chief Agwu Omen Udo the President/Chief Executive Officer of Omen Construction Nig Ltd  is the only authorized and commissioned organ to receive, collect, reimburse or pay back monies in respect to the quantity of product or crude oil allocated to it for sale by NNPC/SHELL/JV OPERATORS.

PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, all our relevant NNPC allocation documents and evidence of past transactions documents will be given to buyers strictly on request  via secured email.